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The Importance of “Demonstrated Interest”

With students applying to more and more colleges these days and with the overall growth in students applying to 4-year colleges and universities, the “numbers’ game” that is now very much in place strongly requires that students take into full account the role of “demonstrated interest” in admissions’ decisions. With spring break coming up in a month or so, students need to appreciate the decisions that admissions offices make when they vet thousands and thousands of applications. You may be a fantastic student with a strong GPA and some good to great test scores. The problem is….there are lots and lots of other students with a strong GPA and good to great test scores.

When an admissions committee has a stack of applications sitting in front of them, they find themselves looking for that oh so important…..extra factor! Often, that factor is the reality that you have visited their campus (maybe on multiple occasions), visited with their representative on a number of occasions in Memphis at college fairs and your school, and you have created a “presence” during all of these contacts with the school. “Presence” means you made a good impression on all of these occasions by maintaining good eye contact; asking good questions and setting a good example for yourself (dress/smile/etc.). Very often, the decision to admit or deny boils down to the existence of a “critical mass” of positive vibrations that you have created through what is called “demonstrated interest” in the college of your choice.


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